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iDo Wedding Couple Edition is now free! Product Key: A4499-L7944-W9944-W4772

PrintJobs is now free! Product Key: QQ7E4-QH6M3-HH8F6-PV6H3

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  1. Close PrintJobs.
  2. Click the 'Get Update' button below.
  3. Download and Run the update when prompted.
  4. Open PrintJobs.
Download PrintJobs Get PrintJobs Update


Latest Version: 6.0
Filename: printjobs_update_60.exe
Size: 988 KB
Estimated Download time: 00:02:00 (Dial-up 53.3 kbps)
00:00:10 (Cable/DSL)
Who should download? All PrintJobs customers with version 5.0 and earlier.
What's New? Added ability to print iDo Wedding and Event Professional Edition 'Tentcards' text.
'Tentcards' text is new to iDo Wedding and Event Professional Edition 9.5.
Updated logic when adding names to a 'My List' using right-click.
The 'Top Lines' and 'Bottom Lines' are added as expected.
Updated dependency to flash9e.ocx.
Get Flash 9e Player
Latest Version: 5.1
What's New? Online Activation
Added ability to print iDo Wedding Couple Edition 'Tentcards' text.
'Tentcards' text is new to iDo Wedding Couple Edition 9.5.
Updated Address logic. Instead of 'Line 1' and 'Lines 2+' it is now 'Top Lines' and 'Bottom Lines'. This allows for Outer and Inner Envelopes to have multiple line salutations.
Added 'Edit Lines' options in Vendors. Before the default was to print 'Attn: [Contact Name]' if a Contact name existed for the vendor. Now there is an option to suppress this 'Attn:' line.
Updated 'Test Design' in Edit Envelope window to show sample data in Word file.
Changed background of labels, envelopes and tentcards to Office 2007 Blue.
Updated dependency to flash9d.ocx.
Version: 5.0
What's New? Vista Compatible.
Digital Signature on all files.
F1 help is online.
Forums button added to bottom of iDo...Vote, Talk, Share at
Added drop-shadow effect to forms.
iDo Wedding and Event Professional Edition Master Vendors reports updated.
iDo Wedding Couple Edition "Quick Invitation Reports" added.
A "Widgets" tree node has been added that contains each non-wedding event that has associated contacts or invitations.
Updated dependency to flash9b.ocx.
Initial Release: 4.0.201