1. Close PasswordDock.
  2. Click the 'Get Update' button below.
  3. Download and Run the update when prompted.
  4. Open PasswordDock.
Download PasswordDock Get PasswordDock Update


Latest Version: 7.0
Filename: passworddock_update_70.exe
Size: 545 KB
Estimated Download time: 00:01:00 (Dial-up 53.3 kbps)
00:00:08 (Cable/DSL)
Who should download? All PasswordDock customers with previous versions.
What's New? Added Instant Search functionality.
Enhanced security.
Minor aesthetic enhancements.
Version: 6.0
What's New? Vista Compatible.
Digital Signature on all files.
F1 help is online.
Faster refresh when 'Reveal' is clicked.
Clicking on a 'hidden' password field now copies the password to memory for quick pasting into web forms.
Auto-complete in password form turns off after Backspace or Delete keys are pressed.
Minor aesthetic enhancements.
Version: 5.0.50
What's New? Added a message to appear if all documents in the 'Reports' folder are unable to be deleted upon closing application.
The Notes field can now be placed in a separate column. Added in 'Options'.
Extended trial period to 30 days.
Modified Login form.
After 'Reveal' is clicked, focus remains on previously selected row after grid is refreshed.
Added new tab control.
Tabs do not allow reorder.
Initial Release: 4.0.15