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iDo Wedding and Event Professional Edition


Upgrade to Version 10

Upgrade for only $49.95.

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Latest Version: 10.0
Filename: idowpe-upgrade-10
Size: 2.82 MB
Estimated Download time: 00:00:40 (Cable/DSL)
00:05:00 (Dial-up 53.3 kbps)
Who should download? All iDo professional customers.
What's New? iDoAll forms: Remember the expanded/collapsed state of the groups on all grids.
iDoSpotlight Occasion selection form: Fixed sort order.
iDoOptions: Added as a possible choice in websites for integration with Google maps.
ClientsClients: Added the ability to import clients.
ClientsClients: Improved form layout and sorting of dropdowns.
ContractsContracts: Added 'Payments Received' tab.
InvoicesInvoices: Grid now shows visually the status of invoices.
FinancesFinances: Redesigned page to have year and month filters on the left side. Now shows net totals for each month. Updated to sort to be date descending by default.
FinancesFinances: Removed 'Due Date' from finance transaction to align with common accounting programs.
ContactsContacts: Updated logic when setting a contact to 'Bride' or 'Groom' role, contact will be marked as 'attending' and appear in Attendees.
ContactsContacts: Improved import. The Contacts.csv located in the 'Templates' folder contains a new column 'RSVP ID'. When imported contacts with an 'RSVP ID' associated with them, Invitations will automatically be created.
RSVPsRSVPs: Improved functionality on the RSVP form.
ChecklistsChecklists: Updated 'Current' timeframe filter.
BudgetBudget: Added ability to right-click and assign 'Paid by' to expense items.
VendorsVendors: The Assign Vendors form is more usable when assigning and unassigning vendors.
VendorsVendors: When importing a vendor list, the list can contain different vendor categories during one import. If the vendor category is new, it will be added during the import process.
VendorsVendors: Import of Vendors now supports the importing of 'Notes'.
ReportsReports: Added Client only report. Accessible from the 'Client' form only.
ReportsReports: Added Checklist Template report. The report is run by clicking on Checklist Templates and then selecting the template and clicking 'Print'.
ReportsReports: Added Budget Template report. The report is run by clicking on Budget Templates and then selecting the template and clicking 'Print'.
ReportsReports: Updated Master Vendor report to allow filtering on all vendor ratings.
ReportsReports: Added Tabula Rasa friendly Attendees report.
ReportsReports: Added A-list, B-list, Male/Female, Adult/Child filter to Attendees form and add respective reports.
ReportsReports: Added Unpaid Invoices report.
ReportsReports: Added Invoice Account Summary report.
ReportsReports: Added Paper Orientation feature, now reports can be in Portrait or Landscape.
ReportsReports: The printing of 'Notes' are now optional.
iDoUpgraded to Flash10c.ocx.
Get Flash 10 Player
Latest Version: 9.5.0
What's New? iDoAll forms: Added ability to 'Show'/'Hide' notes in all grids. Right-click on grid and select 'Show notes' or 'Hide notes' in the popup menu.
iDoAll forms: Pressing F5 will update all grids.
ContractsContracts: Added 'Active' checkbox.
ContractsContracts: Changed Filter from 'Signed' and 'Unsigned' to 'Active' and 'Inactive'.
OccasionsOccasions: Enter key in the Notes field works as expected.
FinancesFinances: Sort order is arranged by date, 'Newest on Top'.
UsersUsers: Added client access security. iDo Users can be assigned or unassigned to clients.
OptionsOptions: Added 'Australia' to Google Maps functionality.
OptionsOptions: 'Task Time Frame' dropdown is now updateable.
OptionsOptions: 'Paid by' dropdown is now updateable.
OptionsOptions: Added 'Report Caption' table. Allows customers to change any report's column headers.
ContactsContacts: Added 'GENDER_FG', 'CHILD_FG' to Contact records.
ContactsContacts: Updated import logic to include additional fields: Phone 2, A-B, Friend of, Gender, Child, Out of Towner, Notes.
InvitationsInvitation form: Enter key in the Notes field works as expected.
InvitationsInvitations/RSVPs: Added informational graphics to the Invitations and RSVPs forms to guide user to first add Contacts, then Invitations, then RSVPs can be managed.
AttendeesAttendees: Added new feature in Attendees called 'Tentcards'. Tentcards produce wording to be used for reception placecards, indicating attendee names and table numbers. Integrates with PrintJobs.
ChecklistsChecklists: Added ability to right-click and 'Refresh Due Dates' based on the spotlight occasion's date.
ChecklistsChecklists: Added ability to right-click and 'Refresh Sort Order'' based on the current list of tasks.
ChecklistsChecklists: Sort order is now updated by pressing 'Ctrl+Up' or 'Ctrl+Down'. Sort order is saved automatically.
BudgetBudget: Added 'Open calculator' link on the command bar.
VendorsVendors: Updated Vendor Excellence ratings to; Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, Poor, Unknown.
VendorsVendors: Added ability to associate document with a specific notebook entry for quick access. Any file on the network can be associated.
NotebookNotebook: Sort order is arranged by date, 'Newest on Top'.
NotebookNotebook: Added ability to associate document with a specific notebook entry for quick access. Any file on the network can be associated.
NotebookMy Notebook: Added 'My Notebook' which allows notes that are private to the current user.
ReportsReports: Renamed report extensions to have number precede report.
ReportsReports: Added Contract summary report.
ReportsReports: Added Invoice summary report.
ReportsReports: Invoice report now will produce a receipt if the invoice has been paid.
ReportsReports: Added 'AddressLines1', 'AddressLines2', 'AddressLines3', 'AddressLines4', 'AddressLines5', 'AddressLines6' to the Invitation's CSV report. This is done to work with some printing companies file specifications.
ReportsReports: Added new filters to Invitations.
ReportsReports: Added new filters to RSVPs.
ReportsReports: Added 'Sort Order' column to the Attendees CSV report.
ReportsReports: Improved existing Hotels report. The address and contact information are printed in the header row of each hotel.
ReportsReports: Added new Budget report; Grouped by Payer.
ReportsReports: Added 'Custom' reports.
iDoChanged visual aesthetics on forms and navigation bars.
iDoAdded file dependencies: ccrpftv6.ocx, msinet.ocx.
iDoUpgraded to Flash9e.ocx.
Get Flash 9 Player
Latest Version: 9.0.361
What's New? Updated the Contracts form's command bar captions.
Latest Version: 9.0
What's New? Vista Compatible.
Digital Signature on all files.
F1 help is online.
Forums button added to bottom of iDo...Vote, Talk, Share at
Added 'Active' field to Occasion. Only 'Active' occasions are shown when browsing for occasions.
Added 'All Active Occasions' tab to Checklists. When clicked, grid shows all tasks pertaining to all active occasions grouped by 'Mon Year.'
Added ability to delete client, contract, and occasion and delete all related records. Before this release, if there was any information 'tied' to a client, contract, or occasion, messages would appear stating that the delete could not occur because of related records. Now, when you delete a client, contract, or occasion, you will be prompted with a message and when confirmed will delete all information related to the client, contract, or occasion.
In Timelines, added 'Delete All' menu item when grid is righ-clicked.
Updated database form. A database location can now be typed in the database field. This facilitates VPN connection strings that are usually represented by numbers.
Ex: \\\Database\idowpe.elmdata
Home screen redesigned.
In Options, under iDo System Settings, added France, Spain, Germany and Italy as home country selections.
Added 3 new table types to Table Layout. Square, Rectangle Tall, Rectangle Wide.
Latest Version: 8.5
What's New? Added new Calendar control with reminders capabilities.
Updated Search to instantly filter grid upon typing keystrokes.
Added 'Email 2' field to Client.
Added ability to add Vendor specific notes.
Added ability to custom the sort order of task lists.
Changed Occasion selection screen to group by 'Current' and 'Past'.
Added ability to print 'Custom' Finance reports. You can filter by Transaction category as well as specify a date range.
Upgraded to Flash9b.ocx.
Version: 8.1.322
What's New? When copying checklist templates, the Due Date is automatically assigned based on occasion date and timeframe.
Added new tab control.
Tabs do not allow reorder.
Added ability to populate a Contract that is an Excel Spreadsheet. Must have an .xls extension.
Add new Estimate column for budget expenses.
Screen resolution message now appears for computers with 800 x 600 resolution during Welcome screen.
Integrated with PrintJobs.
Dropdowns sorted alphabetically.
Upgraded to Flash 9.
Version: 8.0.300
What's New? Label Report: Vendors to Occasion updated.
Contract form updated.
In 'Clients', Map feature updated.
Logic to work with Canadian addresses added. In 'Options', set system setting 'Map: Country' equal to 1 which denotes Canada.
Reports are written to appropriate output folders.
Welcome message on first time Login form updated.
Added Compose Invitation report.
Version: 8.0.263
What's New? Budget form updated. Added an 'Actual' column that represents the summation of the 'Due' and 'Paid' columns. The 'Actual' column appears in the report 'Estimates vs. Actuals' as well.
Added Checklist report named 'Custom Filter'. Prompts for date range and specific occasions to print.
Added five iDo 'System Settings'.
1) Invoice: Sign-off
2) Invoice: Sign-off bold
3) Invoice: Sign-off italic
4) Invoice: Footer text
5) Invoice: Footer text italic
Added vendor category filter to Vendor form.
Initial Release: 8.0.207