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"I’ve been using both iDo and Tabula Rasa for a couple of weeks now and I can’t begin to describe how much it has added to my business. I love that the commands adhere to typical office commands (making both products extremely easy to use “out of the box”); that I can personalize all of the reports; that if I have a question, the online tutorial is always there, as well as the manual. Beyond the technical aspects, which are many and robust, the software has increased my efficiency a thousand fold. I’d previously purchased smaller “planning packages” and immediately upon trying to make them work for my business found them wanting in the extreme. iDo gives me one database where I can manage my clients – my business – in every way, from tracking the hours in a given package, to creating checklists that really wow my clients, to … well, you name it, if I need it for my business, it’s in there. I can’t wait to use the timeline … gone will be the excel spreadsheets I’ve used in previous wedding, which were top heavy and hard to manipulate. I’ve used the checklists with 2 clients, both of whom remarked on how valuable they are to their planning process and complimented me on my professionalism; I’ve created a floor plan for one client using Tabula Rasa, and they were really impressed by it as well, and are actually looking forward to doing their seating plan!

I purchased Print Jobs when I bought the Tabula Rasa software; even though I don’t usually create the escort cards for my clients, there was a $10 discount on the package and I figured, “why not”. Just yesterday, one of my clients asked me to create their table numbers, and viola, there were a dozen or so free wedding fonts on your Print Jobs website … once again, saving me valuable time, and allowing me to turn around a proof in an amazingly small amount of time. Another client has asked me to do their escort cards, and I’ll be ready to do it easily.

Beyond the software itself, the product support is great. I had a small issue with understanding one of the facets of Tabula Rasa and needed to get a draft floor plan to a client in a small amount of time; your customer support called me at 9:30 at night, and walked through the issue with me until I understood it, because your company took my deadline seriously. I later asked for a graphic used in the online tutorial, to save me time from having to create it myself, and I had it in my inbox from you in a matter of hours. I’d have to say that the product support is every bit as robust as the products themselves, just one more reason why I’m grateful to have found Elm Software.

Your work makes me look great, makes my day-to-day tasks easier to do in a more time-efficient manner, streamlines my billing process … in a word, the products (and the customer support) are nothing short of fantastic!"

Nikolette Adams • Moment to Moment - Palmyra, NJ

"I'm so pleased with how everything is coming along. I also wanted to say how much I love iDo software. The free 30-day trial convinced me that I had to buy the program. I think it was terrific that you all allowed users to have full access to the various elements of the software during the trial period.

I look forward to growing my business and this software will help to keep me organized."

Sonya Y. Brown • Bash Boutique - Brooklandville, MD

"As a wedding consultant it is vital for me to keep organized and up to date. I absolutely "LOVE" iDo Wedding and Event Professional Edition software.

The more I use it the more I realize how valuable it really is. I would not be without it. From vendor list to creating timelines this software has made my job so much easier. We can print reports, invoices, create notes and keep track of our clients budget.

I found the software very easy to use and I really appreciate being able to call or email John if I have a problem knowing that he will contact me with the answer right away. Thank you John, you are a genius!!"

Linda Smith • Linda Smith Weddings - Lockport, IL

Weddings by Stephanie, Inc.

"You software is wonderful!

I love it and I live by it!"

Stephanie Mazzeo • Weddings by Stephanie • Palm Coast, FL

Your Simply Elegant Wedding

"Can I just say, your product is wonderful. It is designed perfectly for wedding planning and is so easy to use. I didn't need 30 days to decide that I had to have this software. It has made my running my business so much easier. Kudos to you!"

Gina Ramos • Simply Elegant Weddings • Revere, MA

Nuance Occasions

"This is the best tool ever, it has really streamlined the paperwork side of our business, and clients LOVE the professional reports I can print off at the click of a button for them. And other vendors LOVE getting the professional timeline/itinerary that I can easily send off to them via pdf whenever they want.

I can’t wait to see what can be done for the designing option you are hoping to launch (for table arrangements and décor design)…it just seems to get better and better…thank you for your hard work!!!"

Jolyn Saramaga • Nuance Occasions • Edmonton, AB

C & G Enterprises

"I just wanted to formally thank you for introducing me to your amazing software program! The iDo Wedding and Event Professional program has been a phenomenal addition to the overall functioning of my company's operating systems. The customer service feature of this program alone has significantly streamlined our daily troublehsooting tasks and increase our productivity tenfold! And I have gladly shared this feedback with my associates.

As you know, in business you meet and work with many people and it is always refreshing to work with someone that shares my standards of excellence and professionalism, and equally as gratifying for me to work with individuals as personable and pleasant as you!

From the time of our initial meeting at the annual ABC conference in November of 2007, it has been an absolute pleasure getting to know you. I look forward to hearing about the latest product developments from Elm Software so that I can share the information with my colleagues."

Stacie N.C. Grant • C & G Enterprises • Cambria Heights, NY

Fete Perfection

"Thank you for your assistance over this past year since I have been using iDo Wedding and Event Professional Edition. 

This planning software is easy to use and prepares organized attractive reports which helps me stay on top of my job as a wedding consultant.

I appreciate the prompt service and friendly attitude when ever I call."

Amy Rubins • Fete Perfection LLC • Minneapolis, MN

Austin Wedding Planners

"I am writing you a long overdue letter. I want to express my gratitude for your program, iDo Wedding and Event Professional Edition. When our company started to grow we needed something to grow with us and allow us to be consistent and professional. Your Program does all that for us. It is VERY user-friendly. The tutorial is very helpful and allows us to train all our coordinators on a timely basis. You have really thought of everything.

We can keep track of our brides flights, can do their budget, payment reminders, and task list all within minutes. Weekly, I can pull up the company’s financial picture and see what our accounts receivable verse account payables. John, I looked at several different programs, before I purchased yours, and I think it is one of the best financial decisions I have ever done. Thank you, I truly do not know how we could have done it without iDo Wedding and Event Professional Edition.

p.s. I forgot to thank you for how awesome you technical support is! Keep up the good work and thank you so much!"

Kathie Millen • Austin Wedding Planners • Austin, TX

The Frog Prince

"As a planner, it is my job to keep my Clients organized. In the space of a day, I often have to access and work on 10 different client matters with topics ranging from budgeting to vendor selection. After using another highly profiled wedding program I was dismayed that it not only did not meet the standard needs of a planner, but it was inflexible in creating new updates and catering to user feedback. So, my search for a new program began.

When I found the Elm Software site I was impressed by what I saw! I immediately downloaded the trial version and was blown away. The Windows friendly interface is very intuitive and user-friendly. You can access multiple client files at a click of a mouse. Its auto save feature ensures data isn't lost and its reporting tools are comprehensive. John and the Elm Software team have also been very receptive to listening to comments and suggestions for improvements and acting on ones that make sense for the industry as a whole. The result? A planning software tailored for the successful wedding planner that keeps information organized and accessible.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this product to any planner!"

Natalie Forchuk • The Frog Prince Wedding Design • North Vancouver, BC

Wedding Soirée

"I really love the product!

I really needed a solution to handle my growing client base, but during my research for a wedding software package for consultants, it was apparent this market was lacking. But, I did find, iDo professional software, which has enabled me to handle everything from planning, finances, budgets and more for multiple brides.

The support has been incredible, more than I ever expected. Again, this is definitely the best software for my planning needs."

Gail Johnson • Wedding Soirée • Tucker, GA

Your Las Vegas Wedding Concierge

“With iDo Wedding and Event Professional Edition, I finally have in my hands a wedding management system that thinks like I do (pun intended!) when it comes to how I want my software to look and feel.

The first feature that impressed me to purchase was the user-friendliness of the overall software design, ease of data entry and report features; you could generate reports directly into Microsoft Office Programs such as Word in a reporting format that made sense and was easy to read. Also you can create personal labels for group mailings that generate into standard Avery labels without a lot of fuss.

However, it has been the support feature of this company that has been what impresses me most.

I have had a great deal of personal direct interaction with Elm Software's support team that actually wants to hear my feedback and really does something about it. Already I have noticed suggestions I have made added to the software.

iDo Wedding and Event Professional Edition actually is now saving me time and making my time more efficient with each and every improvement they make. I am looking forward to using it more and more as they continue to add exciting new features that make its value to me increase."

Tracey Kumer-Moore • Your Las Vegas Wedding Concierge • Las Vegas, NV

MD Événements

"Thanks Elm Software for this extremely useful software. Our work is really easier now! Thanks also for your patience and professionalism!"

Philippe • MD Événements • Cannes, France

Kathryn Lloyd Wedding Design

"I did not think I would be able to find a software solution that would be able to cater for the vast array of weddings that we arrange. However iDo is a wonderful package that really does streamline systems and has halved the amount of time we spend on producing reports and updates. Most importantly there is always someone available and willing to help with any questions. I have happily recommended iDo to colleagues in the industry and will continue to do so."

Kathryn Lloyd • Kathryn Lloyd Wedding Design • London, United Kingdom

Triad Wedding Services

"I had looked at many different types of software for the wedding professional. Every one I came across was just not what I was looking for and seemed quite lacking in many aspects of the interface. Frankly, most of them lacked the professionalism that I was looking for. I then found the iDo software.

As many do, I downloaded the trial version and was just thouroughly impressed with how user-friendly it was. The video tutorials are excellent and were helpful. I want to thank John and the Elm Software team for doing such a wonderful job on design and maintenance. John has been a pleasure to work with and always welcomes new ideas or comments. I will recommend this software to any professional bridal consultant, as well as the couple edition to any client I have that is looking for an organizational tool for their special day. Thanks!!!"

Shannon Watts • Triad Wedding Services • High Point, NC

Fantastic Parties

"iDo Professional Edition has taken my wedding planning business to a whole new level! The invoices, checklists, budget worksheets, and other templates look so professional and organized. My clients love when I use their wedding colors on the forms that I give to them. iDo allows me to store all of my clients' event information in one file so I do not have to use multiple computer programs. Further, iDo is incredibly user friendly.

My experience with Elm Software has been top notch. My questions were answered promptly and thoroughly and served to enhance my overall experience with your company. Thank you for creating a wonderful product."

Jennifer Henig • Fantastic Parties • Studio City, CA

An Unforgettable Moment

"I just wanted to write and tell you how helpful your software has been to my business. The ease in preparing and keeping up with the different aspects of the weddings I am planning and have planned has been a breeze. In one instance, it was the professional look of the forms that closed a deal for me. The client was looking for someone who simply looked like a professional. I am truly enjoying using your software. The support at Elm Software is absolutely wonderful also. Thanks."

Retha Ballestracci • An Unforgettable Moment • Fredericksburg, VA

"I just love this product. As a professional Bridal Consultant there are many services that I need to track. Elm Software iDo Wedding and Event Professional Edition gives you the ability to track, report, and many other features that make my job easier. In the world of an Event Planner, organization is the key. With this software product I don't have to worry about that anymore. All I need to do is click on client and add the information. From this information, reports can be generated and schedules updated. Thank you Elm Software, you have made my life easier."

Jordan Rix • Royal Weddings • Brandon, MS

Events by Favorram

"I have been using this software for about two months and I am in love with this software. I am better organized now. Everything is easy to use and you are able to find all the information within seconds. Keep up the good work Elm are the best."

Jennifer • Events by Favorram • Adelphi, MD

Affairs To Remember

"Thanks for the logo graphic it runs great and looks fantastic. I love the software, it is very easy to use and covers all my business needs!"

Christy Anderson • Affairs To Remember • Allen, TX