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iDo Wedding Couple Edition

Version 10 Upgrade

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Latest Version: 10
Filename: ido-upgrade-10.exe
Size: 1,704 KB
Estimated Download time: 00:02:00 (Dial-up 53.3 kbps)
00:00:15 (Cable/DSL)
Who should download? All iDo customers with version 9.5c or previous versions.
What's New? iDoUpdated aesthetics. Screens now have more polished look.
iDoClicking on the names in the top left will open the 'Events' screen.
iDoChanged our help system to use a pdf rather than online help.
ContactsContacts: Import Contacts improved. When importing using the contacts.csv file in the 'Support' folder, you can now enter an RSVP ID for particular contacts. Contacts with the same RSVP ID will be added in 'Contacts' and then added to a new invitation record in 'Invitations' using the RSVP ID provided. Big time saver!
ContactsContacts: Import Contacts improved. Added ability to pad zip codes with a '0' when the CSV file cuts off the leading zero.
ContactsContacts: Selecting a masculine or feminine title will auto-select the appropriate Male/Female gender for the contact.
ContactsContacts: Export contacts report improved.
InvitationsInvitations: Wider screen and an additional 'address' field added to help sort contact records before added them to a new invitation.
AttendeesHotels and Flights: Fixed issue with treeview. When many attendees were assigned to a hotel or flight, clicking on the attendee would 'jump' to the top fo the tree preventing use.
  TentcardsTentcard etiquette changeable on Tentcard screen.
GiftsGifts: Fixed screen sort issue.
ChecklistsChecklist: Added 'Refresh Due Dates' to the right-click menu.
BudgetBudget: Added ability to set 'Paid By' by right-clicking a record.
BudgetBudget: Due Date report is now sorted by due date and has no groups.
VendorsVendors: Added ability to associate files to a vendor. The file associations are links to files on your computer's hard drive or available network.
NotebookTimelines: Duration logic fixed.
NotebookNotebook: Added this functionality. Store your notes and associate files to your notes.
WidgetsAdded Bride and Groom to available Contacts in Quick Invitaiton Lists..
ReportsCreated Tabula Rasa export file.
ReportsMade Attendee CSV report better for mail merge.
ReportsMeals and Roles reports are now under Attendees.
Latest Version: 9.5c
What's New? Budget Updated budget expense delete error.
Version: 9.5b
What's New? NotebookUpdated 'Timelines' logic.
WidgetsUpdated text on 'Widgets' form.
Version: 9.5a
What's New? TentcardsUpdated Tentcard creation logic.
TentcardsAdded F1 help on Tentcard form.
BudgetUpdated Budget category logic.
Version: 9.5
What's New? iDoUpdated Product Activation logic.
iDoMinimum screen size requirement is now 1024 x 768
iDoChanged visual aesthetics on forms and navigation bars.
ContactsAdded four new fields to the CONTACT table. Phone 2, Gender, Child, and Notes.
ContactsUpdated import logic to include additional fields: Phone 2, A-B, Friend of, Gender, Child, Out of Towner, Notes.
InvitationsAdded informational graphics to the Invitations and RSVPs forms to guide user to first add Contacts, then Invitations, then RSVPs can be managed.
InvitationsUpdated the Invitation form to allow enter key to work as expected when editing 'Outer' and 'Inner' envelope text.
InvitationsAdded 'Local' statistic to the 'Invitations' 'Info' area.
InvitationsAdded 'AddressLines1', 'AddressLines2', 'AddressLines3', 'AddressLines4', 'AddressLines5', 'AddressLines6' to the Invitation's CSV report. This is done to work with some printing companies file specifications.
RSVPsChanged 'Not Attending' statistic to read 'Regrets' on RSVPs.
RSVPsAdded 'No reply' statistic to RSVPs.
Now with a glance, you can see how many guests are 'Attending', how many sent 'Regrets' and how many have not yet replied.
AttendeesAdded 'Sort Order' to the CSV file to Attendees.
HotelsIn 'Hotels', the Hotel name is now the only required field.
HotelsAdded 'Hotel map' report in 'Print reports'.
HotelsImproved existing Hotels report. The address and contact information are printed in the header row of each hotel.
TentcardsAdded new feature in Attendees called 'Tentcards'. Tentcards produce wording to be used for reception placecards, indicating attendee names and table numbers. Integrates with PrintJobs.
GiftsAdded Received date to 'Gifts'.
GiftsAdded ability to delete multiple gifts at a time.
ChecklistsAdded '1 year+' to 'Checklist'.
ChecklistsAdded 'Sort Order' to 'Checklist'.
BudgetAdded calculator button on 'Budget'.
BudgetUpdate Vendor Alphabetic Sort on 'Budget'.
NotebookAdded 'Duration' column to Timelines.
WidgetsAdded 'Songs' to 'Widgets'. Link with songlists saved on your computer, create playlists, and play music when working in iDo.
ReportsAdded 'Custom' reports in 'Print reports'.
ReportsRenamed Report extension to have number precede report.
ReportsAdded Report size setting (letter or A4).
ReportsFixed reports error for 'Widgets' label creation.
Changed the KEY from WIDGET to WIDGETS in the ImageList control.
iDoShow/Hide Notes in 6 forms.
iDoAdded cNewMenu.dll dependency.
iDoAdded MSInet.ocx dependency.
iDoAdded vbElmTab.ocx dependency.
iDoAdded CCRP FolderTree.ocx dependency.
iDoPressing F5 refreshes all grids.
iDoCheck address with Google Maps in Contacts, Vendors, Events.
OptionsAdded 'Country' setting in 'Options'. This option works with the mapping feature and shows the appropriate Google Maps page for the selected country.
United KingdomUnited Kingdom
United StatesUnited States
iDoUpdated dependency to flash9d.ocx.
Get Flash 9 Player
Version: 9.0
What's New? Vista Compatible.
Digital Signature on all files.
F1 help is online.
Forums button added to bottom of iDo...Vote, Talk, Share at
Added drop-shadow effect to forms.
Updated dependency to flash9b.ocx.
Get Flash 9 Player
Version: 8.0
What's New? Added Flights and Hotels management under Attendees.
Added A-B list reports to Invitations, RSVPs, Attendees.
Added 'Custom Filter' report option to Contacts, Invitations, RSVPs, Attendees.
Added Customize Columns to Contacts, Invitations, RSVPs, Attendees - Affects visible columns in grid.
Updated Search to instantly filter grid upon typing keystrokes.
Added Custom Colors capability to Reports.
Expanded Gift field to 255 characters.
Integrated PrintJobs into Report form. (When PrintJobs is installed)
Added 3 new table types to Table Layout. Square, Rectangle Tall, Rectangle Wide.
Updated dependency to flash9.ocx. (included in Update)
Get Flash 9 Player
Version: 7.8
What's New? Changed dependency to flash8b.ocx. Previous versions were dependent on flash8.ocx which caused installation registration errors to occur.
Added 5 new reports to 'Invitations'.
Friend of Bride, Friend of Groom, Friend of Both, Local, Out of Towner.
Added 5 new reports to 'RSVPs'.
Friend of Bride, Friend of Groom, Friend of Both, Local, Out of Towner.
Version: 7.7
What's New? Added Bride and Groom icons. Appears in Contacts, Attendees, Widgets. You can change icons in Options.
Added 'Due Date' to Budget.
Added ability to import from other Outlook Contact folders other than the 'root' folder.
Changed report name to 'Meals/Roles' from 'Options'.
Changed the default colors of the report to be blue and light blue instead of shades of grey.
Changed dropdowns to have the 'edit' pencil or 'add' sign where applicable.
Added two filters and two reports pertaining to the Invitations form: 'Bride' and 'Groom'.
Added one filter and one report pertaining to Budget: Pastdue.
Version: 7.6
What's New? Improved Security.
Added new flash animation files.
Faster intial load time for Contacts.
Faster form refresh after add, edit, delete on Contacts, Invitations, RSVPs, Attendees.
Added 'Add new...' functionality shortcut key on all forms.
Press Ctrl+N.
Version: 7.5
What's New? Faster load time for Contacts, Invitations, RSVPs, Attendees.
Added 'Paid By' field to Budget.
Added 'Paid By' table. Customizable in Options.
Added 'Out of Towner' field to Attendees.
Added new related file Flash8.ocx and new flash animation files.
Bride and Groom added to Attendee counts.
Bride and Groom added in Swap Tables.
Invitation 'Auto-suggest' wording can be overriden and custom text can be entered.
Improved CSV import by showing required fields and increasing the possibility of an automatic mapping to occur.
Added two Contacts reports.
'No Email Address'
'No Phone'
Added 'Copy Contact' functionality in Contacts.
Press Ctrl+C or select 'Copy contact' from right-click menu to copy an existing contact.
Version: 7.0
What's New? 'Title' dropdown list is now customizable.
Added 'Out of Towner' field to Contacts.
Redesigned Invitation form. Also, Outer and Inner envelope wording is now customizable.
Added Budget category table. Budget expenses are now grouped by budget categories. Also, when setting your total wedding budget, estimates on a budget category level can be entered.
Added new section, Timelines. Timelines allow you to develop itineraries for your events, such as the day before the wedding, the day of the wedding, the honeymoon, etc.
Added new section, Widgets. Widgets contains an Inviation Wording builder, a place to store your wedding vows, and Quick Inviation Lists for non-wedding events.
In Reports, you can now customize your desired reporting Font and size.
Added new Report Type, 'Labels'. Labels reports are now customizable allowing you print on any location of a label sheet. Labels can be printed by selecting Contacts, Invitations, Attendees, Gifts, Vendors, Widgets (Quick Invitation Lists).
Version: 4.3.2218
What's New? Avery® 8160 label reports. (Contacts, Invitations, Gifts)
Extended trial period to 30 days.
Rabbi, Sr., Sra. added to the Title dropdown list.
Gift report now ordered by last name.
Added new Checklist report sorted by Custom Due Date.
Version: 4.3.2210
What's New? Extended trial period by one hour.
Added a status bar.
Set dropdown calendar dates to 'Today'.
Attendee form sort fix.
Added time to Event grid.
Added one-time feature tour popup.
Version: 4.3.2208
What's New? 15 day free trial period instead of 60 minutes.
International currency symbols and amounts work as expected.
International dates work as expected.
Added 'Design Table Layout' link to the Home page for easy access.
When adding a single table, the number and name can be specified.
Date control modified.
Version: 4.3.2203
What's New? 800 x 600 screen resolution accommodation.
International address fix.
Date Columns sort.
Few textual and graphic changes.
Initial Release: 4.3.2202