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iDo Wedding Couple Edition

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"First of all I would like to thank you for all your support. My now wife and I have purchased and used your software thru our whole wedding planning process, from start to finish. I can't tell you how much of a valuable asset your software has been to us. Worked flawlessly with my laptop, and would not have been able to keep track of all the items, contacts, events, vendors, ect. if not for the aid of your program. We started planning our wedding about a year and a half ago. We completed our religious ceremony at our church, and the reception went off without a hitch. July 3rd was our day! Left for Paris on our honeymoon July 5, and just returned the beginning of August. Just thought I would share this with you. As for my thoughts on your software, a must have for any wedding planners or couples who are planning their wedding. Thank you for all your support, and contribution of software to the wedding world."

Mark and Nancy • Tonawanda, NY

"I LOVE this software. I ran across it on which is my fav site. I clicked on the ad and thought for a second about just doing the trial...after reading up I knew this was something I wanted to buy. I can't believe how low the price is! With everything this comes with I would expect to pay a lot more. I researched other wedding software and nothing even comes close to this!!!!!

Love it!!!!!"

Sara • Hattiesburg, MS

"Your iDo and PrintJobs software programs are fantastic! I am so glad I discovered them. They made addressing invitations for my bridal shower so easy! And I am sure the wedding invitations will process just as smoothly.

The planning list is great. I just can't say enough great things about these programs. Every couple should have them for organizing all the details of their big day!"

Jackie • Duryea, PA

"I loved using the iDo Wedding Couple Edition program for my daughter's wedding. It kept us so very organized and on track. I have recommended the program to several brides to be. NO BRIDE OR MOTHER SHOULD PLAN A WEDDING WITHOUT IDO!! It is an awesome program!!"

Susie • El Paso, TX

"I found your software to be a tremendous asset to my wedding planning. The program was easy to use and I found the gift section and invitation/RSVP section to be a life saver at keeping me organized. I have recommended the program to several other friends/family who are presently planning weddings. The best part is how reasonably priced the program is -- the most "bang for my buck" in the whole budget!!"

Leia • Montgomery, AL

"My wedding was on the 9th of Feb 2008 and I used the iDo Wedding Couple Edition program. It was fantastic, it helped me be organized with every fine detail of the wedding and the reports I was able to print were really helpful! I have recommended this wedding program to a lot of people. Thanks guys for a great program!!"

Loulla • Ovingham, Australia

"I just wanted to let you know that I will recommend this product to anyone. It made things easier for me and the wedding went great. God bless and thanks."

Mindi • Bel Air, MD

"iDo Wedding Couple Edition is one of the most user-friendly software applications I have ever purchased! I was very impressed by the product because it does what it says it will do. It simplifies the planning process by organizing and centrally locating an extensive collection of information. It also automatically updates changes without being prompted to do so.

The application is also easily adaptable and can be used to organize and plan a variety of events. I would give your customer support service an excellent rating. The "GoToMeeting" technical support format is outstanding. I am a member of the Christian clergy and would gladly recommend your product to my colleagues who may be contemplating large scale events that require planning and monitoring a budget. Thanks for creating such a useful and powerful application."

Linda • New Windsor, NY

"Your software has made our hectic wedding plans a pleasure. We love it. One of the most intuitive programs I have ever used."

Cheryl • Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

"I would also like to let you know just how amazing I think this program is and it is truly unsurpassed by other wedding planning software that is currently available. Actually, I'm primarily a Mac user; however, for Mac OS, wedding planning software is virtually nonexistent. The laptop I was using belongs to my fiancee and she has a desktop PC as well (which is the second comp I'm installing on). Your program is so exceptional that it is the sole reason why I'm back on a PC right now! iDo and PrintJobs (which I have also purchased) both of which have made life so much easier."

Sainath • West Point, GA

"Your software is fantastic, it has been a great help in the planning of our wedding."

Daniel and Vanessa • London, England

"Thanks for creating such a fabulous product; I’d be lost without it."

Tiffany • Macungie, PA

"This software is awesome, and I will definitely be recommending it to my friends and sisters."

Scott • Liverpool, NY

"This is the best tool any bride to be needs when planning a wedding - it has everything!!! Thanks for making my planning easier."

Chanelle • Queensland, Australia

"I must say, this software is wonderful -- it has all necessary features to keep a bride organized and sane. :) I am extremely happy with this purchase."

Yana • Philadelphia, PA

"I was married a year ago this March. And my Best Friend, as an engagement gift bought me the iDo Software to help me plan...since the date we set was only 8 months away. All I can say is that is THE BEST software EVER created! It was easy to use and was so helpful with keeping me on track. If only everything was as great as your iDo Software!!"

Jodi • Palm Harbor, FL

"I just wanted to say thank you.  We were married in the ceremony of my dreams with NO problems the whole day!!! And all my vendors were amazed at how organized and thorough I was.  Several of them said I was more organized than professional coordinators they know, and I should start my own business.  I owe most of that to you and your software.  I am now using the gift area to get my notes done in a timely manner, and I love the "Days Married" count-up.  I didn't expect that and when I opened the software after returning from my honeymoon and saw the count-up, I thought that was so sweet.  Thank you again.  I hope you have much success with your company.  I am recommending it to all my friends (engaged or not!!!). Thanks again!!"

Rebecca • Riverside, CA

"With our wedding approaching in the next few weeks the iDo Wedding Couple Edition software has been excellent so far and has made the planning to date an absolute breeze. The level of detail and ease of use is second to none."

Dan • Perth, Australia

"It is rare that one finds a program THIS good! iDo takes a great deal of stress out of planning and organizing a wedding."

Stacey • Shenandoah Valley, VA

"It made planning so easy. When it was time for the bridal shower, it was easy to print off a list. I recommend it to every bride I meet. Now I just enjoy the count of how many days married we are. Thank you so much for providing everything I needed in one software."

Jodi • St. Catherines, ON

"I just wanted to say that iDo made planning my wedding so much easier! I would have been pulling my hair out without this program. It is absolutely wonderful and I will recommend it to ANY bride!"

Kimberly • Bridgeville, IL

"I just want to say thanks for such a good product. Some people thought paying for a program to help us organize our wedding was not such a good idea. I am very glad we did though. With the help of your program we were able to pretty much plan our own wedding and keep it extremely organized at the same time. The woman from the place we had our reception loved the fact that we had everything so well put together. That was mostly do to your program. I guess in a sense your program made our wedding day a little more special for us that we had hoped. Thanks for the program and the great support you give with it."

Jonathan and Michelle • Northampton, MA

"I wish I had found this product before wasting countless hours in trying to make other software work for what I needed. This software molds to you and does everything you need for organizing your wedding. It took less time to get iDo Wedding Couple Edition setup and working how *I* wanted it than any other program I've tried--plus I know the features I need are already built in and I'm not going to have to finagle it to do what I need. To put the icing on the wedding cake the customer support is awesome."

Kristin • Longpoc, CA

"I just wanted to drop a quick note and let you know how awesome this software was for the planning of my wedding. The fact that I was able to try it before I bought it was great. I wouldn't have bought any software without trying it first. Once I tried it I was hooked. Then the telephone and email support was also great even though everything was very self explanatory. The resort where I had my wedding was also very impressed with my all the reports I had given them, for the seating chart, meal reports etc...They were very thankful. I would highly recommend this software for any future bride to be!"

Kim • Oakdale, CA

"This is the greatest software EVER! It has helped so much in planning my wedding. Every friend I have that gets engaged, I tell them to purchase the software. Thanks for such a great program."

Pamela • Methuen, MA

"Thanks so much for the updates on the iDo program. I especially like the budget report changes. We find that most of the vendors want a deposit when you sign the contract and then the balance two to three weeks before the wedding. Some even want a third payment a few months before. I broke down the payments on different lines so I can use it as a check off. That way we don't miss any payments. I like the due date column. Also thanks for your help with printing off the outer envelopes for the invitations. They look great and are ready to be mailed next week."

Kathleen • Newtown, PA

"My daughter and I used this program to plan her and my son-in-law's wedding. It was fantastic. It was organized and useful. It is something I will definitely recommend to anyone planning a wedding; as a matter of fact, I already have recommended it to prospective brides. Thanks for such a wonderful program. You made the wedding planning go smoothly with the least amount of stress."

Jeanie • Sarasota, FL

"Thank you so much for this wonderful software! It made everything so easy. I am going to buy all my friends this software when they get married! It took all the stress out of the details!"

Shannon • Knoxville, TN

"I had just recently gotten married and I had used this program from start to finish. We absolutely thought it was a life saver. The best part about the product is making labels, the guest tables, and checking off each person's meal. I am so glad I had this program. The reports that I had to print out to give to my reception site took not even 5 minutes. If I had didn't have this program it would have taken me hours. Every time I know a new couple that has gotten engaged, this program is my engagement present to them. I want to thank you so much for making my life so much easier and making planning a wedding very simple. Thanks again."

Kate • Woodbury, CT

"I just wanted to say thank you for creating this software program. I could not imagine managing the wedding planning without it. I recommend it to anyone I know that is planning a wedding or just got engaged."

Raelene • Norristown, PA

"iDo is incredible…it was perfect for planning my wedding."

Kate • Cocoa, FL

"I am writing to tell what a wonderful time I'm having with the iDo software. I am a very unorganized person, but with this software everything has started falling into place so easily! I love the import/export function, it is great. I had a small issue with the website but when I emailed about it, I got a response and a solution within two hours! Thumbs up all around for this product!"

Pamela • Magnolia, TX

"This is a fantastic way to organize your wedding."

Kim • Pittsburgh, PA

"I absolutely love this program! I was feeling overwhelmed at first but then I found this program and it organized everything in the easy-to-read format and made everything understandable even to me!!!"

Amanda • Augusta, GA

"Thank you for creating a wedding planning software that is incredibly accessible, user friendly, and WORTHWHILE. As a bride-to-be, and a computer literate one at that, I truly appreciated your approach to planning. The iDo software caught my eye among many would-be planning softwares that came off as flowery with no real substance or continuity. Unlike your product, none of the others had such inclusive and multi-use applications, such as the filters and the contact list that can be used to both create invitation lists and labels, as well as creating seating charts. The budget and vendor portions are also perfect. This software is INCREDIBLY easy, and really quite fun! I would recommend it to anyone who is planning a wedding, or any large event that takes planning and budget. Thank you again for creating such a fabulous product."

Traci • Everett, WA

"I discovered this software with only a couple of months left to go until my wedding, but it only took a couple of days to organize my many different spreadsheets and charts into one compact and very organized place. It made my life a lot easier! Now I recommend it to all future brides to be!"

Tracey • Thessalon, ON

"With so many bewildering details associated with a wedding day, the best thing anyone can do for an engaged couple is to help them plan and organize everything that demands their attention. iDo is simple to use, but powerful in its ability to bring a sense of order and peace of mind to wedding day details."

Mark of Trans Audio • Crown Point, IN

"Thank you for your immediate responses and feature updates to the software that I requested. I've never experienced such great service via an e-commerce purchase, nor has any suggestion I made become fruitful or visible in a release of software that I currently use. These new reports worked perfectly. I work in Information Technology and I've been extensively testing this software. My fiancée and I find it very easy to use. She zips through it. iDo software is fantastic because it saves time from creating those. I say this as a programmer and IT professional, for those with busy lifestyles it really is hassle free! Thanks for bringing a simple yet powerful product to the market."

Jeremy • Austin, TX

"I think the interface and functionality of the software is top-notch. I am an information architect and so these things are very important to me. The import functionality into existing Microsoft programs is fantastic and I'm really impressed with the usability and graphic design. I would recommend iDo to anyone planning a wedding."

Natasha • Toronto, ON

"iDo is the best wedding planner software out there. And I've tried a lot of them! It's very user friendly, plus it has an attractive interface, and has helped me immensely in my planning. I'd recommend this product to everyone planning their weddings!"

Tiffany • Campobello, SC

"I have iDo Wedding Couple Edition and am loving it! It is easy to use, simple, and to the point. Exactly what I needed to simplify my wedding planning."

Sabrina • Peoria, AZ

"I am having such an easy time planning my wedding because of iDo. We have SEVERAL friends planning weddings at the same time we are and I am so far ahead of them that I had to divulge my secret. Thank you for making such a user friendly software."

Lindsay • Savannah, GA

"The iDo software is wonderful! My husband and I planned most of our wedding from two different states meeting only 2 weekends a month. We weren't actually living together until June and we were married September 8th this year. This software is the only reason we stayed organized (and sane). It's amazingly helpful for keeping track of EVERYTHING!  It kept our addresses, our vendors, our meetings and our gifts beautifully organized. The budget application really helped us keep track or our expenses as well as remind us of purchases we still had to make. Having everything on the computer also prevented us from losing papers or important information. This software came recommended from friends and we have recommended it to two our engages friends! Well worth the price!!"

Jessica • Palatine, IL