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iDo Wedding Couple Edition

Version 10

Wedding Software for Brides and Grooms

Organize your wedding with the world's #1 wedding software program. iDo Wedding Couple Edition has 200,000+ downloads.

Free! Product Key: A4499-L7944-W9944-W4772

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Product Description

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iDo Wedding Couple Edition is wedding planning software designed to help save time and energy while planning a wedding. From compiling your guest list to mailing the last thank you note, your wedding will be a success. Brides and grooms across countries have enjoyed using iDo to organize their wedding details.

You deserve the absolute best when it comes to planning your wedding. CNET, the authority in software reviews, awarded iDo with its highest rating--5 out of 5.

Download our free 30-day trial today and experience first-hand why you should make iDo your wedding planning headquarters. Should you have any questions about iDo, please feel free to contact us. Elm Software is dedicated to iDo Wedding Couple Edition's continual improvement, please check here for the latest update.



Contacts includes all individual guest names and address information. Saving your contacts as individuals, not as couples, helps you track e-mail addresses, names of guests invited by your contacts, meals, gifts and roles more efficiently.

Enter the information manually or quickly import contacts from Microsoft Outlook or a Comma Delimited Values (*.csv) file. Highlight all your contacts and send out a mass save-the-date e-mail. Once you are married, you and your fiancé(e) will have compiled the most current contact list of your family members and friends. You may export this list to your favorite address book.



Once you have compiled a thorough master contacts list, you are ready to assign contacts to specific invitations. In iDo, the term "invitations" describes the actual storage of invitation information pertaining to addressing outer and inner envelopes (please visit "Widgets" to create wording for your actual invitations). Invitations are created one at a time, and you can assign multiple contacts to one invitation by dragging and dropping contact names.

A unique RSVP ID will be assigned to each new invitation. This RSVP ID is to be written on the back of your RSVP for identification purposes in case your guests do not write their names on the RSVP. Inner and outer envelope wording is automatically suggested based on accepted wedding etiquette. You may customize the wording according to your preferences. Once your invitations are mailed and marked as "sent," you may eagerly await your RSVPs!



Whether you are receiving RSVPs via mail or phone, record all acceptances and regrets in iDo. Acceptances are saved as "Attendees." When sending out invitations, if you allowed guests to select a meal, enter their meal selections here. You can customize your meal selections in iDo. Also, iDo provides you with ongoing statistics of your RSVPs. Note: On average, 20% of your guests will send their regrets. Example: if you invite 200 people, expect 160 to say Yes, 40 to send regrets.


Attendees include all invited contacts who will be attending your wedding and reception. In Attendees, review headcount and meal selections. Assign attendees to flights and hotels. Design your seating chart with iDo's powerful yet flexible table layout feature. Seating your guests is like a puzzle. Because of this, we provide the ability to quickly create a table layout and assign attendees to tables using drag-and-drop capabilities. iDo offers quick views of possible seating scenarios for your reception. Also, build customized tentcards (placecards) for your reception. Consider PrintJobs for your tentcard printing needs.

Attendees - Flights
Attendees - Hotels
Attendees - Table Layout
Attendees - Tentcards


Gifts are offerings given to you in celebration of your engagement, shower or wedding. They will surprisingly sneak up on you. They may appear on your desk at work or on your doorstep. They may arrive before or after the wedding. iDo prepares you to track gifts, who gave them (either an individual contact or a group of contacts listed on an invitation), and if you sent a thank you note. As a matter of etiquette, you should mail thank you notes within 3 months of receiving a gift. Print out the Avery® 8160 label report to speed up your thank you note effort.


Set your own pace using the wedding checklist. iDo comes pre-loaded with 100 wedding planning tasks that every bride and groom will need to address. The checklist is customizable so you can add, edit, or delete any tasks you like. All of the wedding tasks are grouped together in suggested time frames. By clicking the 'Open' filter, you will see a filtered list showing the tasks that you need to focus on.


Monitor all of your wedding related expenses. Group your projected expenses into categories. Set your wedding budget by specifying budget category estimates. iDo provides you with general budget entries or suggestions for wedding purchases without recommending how much you should spend. It is ultimately up to you to shop around and decide where and how your money should be used for your wedding. iDo totals your expenses and calculates how much money you have remaining based on your total wedding budget number. iDo also calculates percentages. Stay on top of your budget and know exactly how much you have spent and how much you have remaining. After entering expenses in iDo, be sure to save all receipts in one location.


Vendors are businesses or people that take care of specific areas of your wedding. You may make purchases from a bridal salon, sign a contract with a photographer, receive deliveries from a florist, etc. It is important to keep your vendor information organized to ensure that wedding specifics are handled smoothly and professionally. Store all of your wedding vendors here. From the Vendor page you can quickly visit the vendor's web page, send them an e-mail or view a map of the vendor's address. Vendor information also appears on the Budget form so you can identify the respective vendor when adding expenses.


Events can be considered as parties, appointments, meetings, etc. that are related to and include your wedding. Enter your important events here. From the Event page, like the Vendors page, you can easily visit the event's web site, send the event contact an e-mail and view a map of the event location. Track gifts and thank you notes for each event entered in iDo.


Set a detailed itinerary or "timeline" for any of your events stored in iDo. For example, you can plan the "who, what, when, where, and how" for your "wedding day." Timeline reports with detailed information regarding when tasks should be completed and who is responsible for them ensure that everyone--bridal party and vendors alike--is on the same page on your special day. Timelines are also helpful for tracking travel arrangements.


Widgets include Invitation Wording, Wedding Vows, Songlists, and Quick Invitation Lists. These are extra add-ons to assist you with your wedding planning. Print the Invitation Wording Report to make your own invitations or to give to your stationer or calligrapher. Print the Wedding Vows Report to help you and your fiancé(e) memorize your vows for the wedding day. Create a songlist using your existing music files on your computer. For events other than your wedding to be planned by others, such as a bridal shower, print Quick Invitation List Reports to make the planning task easier for the hosts or hostesses. For example, you can quickly create a Bridal Shower Invitation report and labels for your shower hostess. With this list, your shower hostess can send out invitations, manage RSVPs, and keep track of gifts that were given to you at the shower. After the event, she returns the list to you so you can use it to send thank you notes.


In Options, further customize iDo to suit your needs. Specify your meal selections, your budget categories (flowers, photography, etc.), your expenses "paid by" field (bride's family, groom's family, etc.), your wedding roles (bride, groom, bridesmaid, etc.), songlists, your titles (Mr., Mrs., Ms., etc.), and your etiquette preference for both your inner envelope invitation and tentcard wording.

Reports and Labels

Every section of iDo described above can be printed out in an instant. Over 100 reports can be generated. There is also an overall wedding statistics report that provides you with every wedding statistic imaginable.

All reports are written using RTF and can be read by Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, or any RTF compatible reader. You can also print labels for Contacts, Invitations, Attendees, Gifts, Vendors and Widgets. We recommend using Avery® 8160 specification (white, size 1" x 2 5/8"), 8660 (clear, size 1" x 2 5/8") or L7160 (white, A4 paper size) address labels.

For more powerful label, envelope, and tentcard creation capabilities, please consider PrintJobs.


iDo has a comprehensive Help manual. Simply press F1 anywhere in the application to open the Help file. If there is something not covered in Help, please e-mail us or call us at 1-888-ELM-SOFT. We will provide a quick and thorough response to any question you may have.